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Daniela Daude Artist around the universe of the car and the motorcycle
My artistic creations

Deco garage

The car and the motorcycle can be work of art, racing car or pretext in the decoration for all the rooms of the house, as well as the art of entertaining. hijack the part of motorcycle and automobile, enter my universe

My artistic creations

Animals accessories

Sir loves the Bentley or Rolls Royce and Madam dogs or cats ? Well, summits thus a joint gift, with the high-end furniture for animals, developed with spare parts of automobiles and motorcycles


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Art gallery

Decoration garage

Art gallery

High-end furniture for animals

Aficionados, do not dream anymore about your inside, live!
Furniture with car parts top of the range. The boys are going to adore!

Furniture with spare parts of Car/Bike, decoration garage, automobile sculpture

If cars and motorcycles seduce you, welcome in the imagination of decoration garage of Daniela DAUDE. I am awarded a diploma Plastic / designer of object and fan of Automobile / motorcycle. I created the concept decoration garage, to reunite my two appetites, the design and the motor racing.
The Atelier du Loft, it is 100 % decoration garage, for all the parts of the house. But also, without forgetting to adopt a decoration original bathrooms, for this place often forgotten in the decoration house.

Creation of automotive sculpture, realized in France, country of the good taste, as this object ladybird for the bathroom.
My job(business) consists in drawing from what everyone abandons, to restore them a second and new life in sculpture transports.

Presentation of the concept of furniture with car parts and motorcycles

Of the object decoration car part, in the custom-made piece of furniture part of motorcycle, for all the parts, of your house. The most boring stage is not the sculpture of the works, but the weeks of searches to mock parts, mainly on secondhand trades Le Marais quarter in Paris, and then comes the creation, and I am not hostile to roll up my sleeves and get involved, for an accurate cleaning before every creation of object decoration car part.

When I begin a creation, the idea appears only according to the elaboration of the furniture with car parts, to see even sometimes later. And as my work is not the outcome of a command, I benefit therefore, from a total freedom on the realization, so that the progress defines itself according to the creation, with sometimes a part of not controllable madness, which is a grip express on the impulsive, and which shows itself real creator, because he not there no work without letting go.

The furniture with car parts and motorcycles also for professionals

Are you a decorator, an architect, hotel, shop, a restaurant owner, bar, store, holiday cottages, etc.? Do not hesitate to phone me in 33 (0)7 83 50 10 20.


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